DealerPlan is committed to maintaining a private and confidential environment in which you can disclose information. All personal information, voluntary and compulsory, will be kept confidential within DealerPlan except where required to facilitate the creation of a loan agreement. All DealerPlan clients have the right to privacy and confidence while using DealerPlan services.

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Privacy Statement

DealerPlan is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding the personal information we collect from any individual when that individual has provided such specific information on a voluntary basis or in writing, as is the case when arranging financing. We at no time use any of the information that is provided to us for anything else other than the purpose of arranging financial agreements.


DealerPlan does not collect information that personally identifies individuals except when individuals provide such specific information on a voluntary basis or in writing, as is the case when arranging


DealerPlan may use the personal and financial information you provide to communicate with you, efficiently process credit applications, and to deliver the products and services you have requested. DealerPlan will only use personal information for the purposes we have disclosed to you. If for any reason your information is required to fulfil a different purpose, DealerPlan will first notify you and ask you for your consent either verbal or written.

Only with your consent will we share information with associated banks or credit institutions. Otherwise, we will not share any personal information about you unless it is necessary to provide services or products you request. We may disclose specific financial or personal information when we determine that such disclosure is necessary to comply with law, to cooperate with or seek assistance from law enforcement or to protect the interests or safety of DealerPlan. If you would prefer not to receive information about special offers promoting our products and services, please inform us either verbally or in writing.


All personal information we have is stored securely and is accessible only by DealerPlan staff as necessary to serve you. All files are locked in secure filing cabinets. Personal information is kept by us as required during ongoing transactions or as we are required to by tax or other laws. Credit applications, credit reports, credit card numbers and banking information is kept by us until your credit transaction is completed, or as is necessary to comply with any law. Once the information is no longer necessary all information is shredded and destroyed.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or about your personal information, you may contact us at 1-877-753-0362 or