The DealerPlan Advantage

DealerPlan is about connecting the best dealers to the best potential customers. Our values and our process ensures that every customer and every dealer are being heard and having their needs met. Dealerships without internal financial divisions benefit most from our services.

How can your dealership benefit from partnering with DealerPlan?

  • $299 + HST Documentation fee paid by the customer. This is added as a DealerPlan fee on the bill of sale and part of our disclosure. When the funds are advanced to your bank account, the total amount will include that $299 + HST that we bill you on the 31st & 15th of each month.
  • 50% of the dealer reserve is charged to you and billed in the same fashion as above.
  • 50% of all insurances & warranties sold by DealerPlan. (We only solicit customers where the salesperson sends us a bill of sale without an existing sold warranty)
  • Overdue payments are charged at a rate of 2%.
  • By offering a fee structure for dealerships without financial divisions, we are able to increase your eligible customers by expanding the available offerings for consumers
  • Open 6 days a week or by appointment so that your customers are always supported.
  • Efficient new phone systems to minimize wait times for prompt responses.
  • We provide transparency.
  • We do the groundwork to provide approved customers with established loan options so your valuable time is spent on finalizing the sale!
  • Need more profit? We track turnover rates of your dealership and provide coaching/management on how to optimize your efforts for the most profitable return.
  • Services that cover everything from loans, to warranties, to insurance. We ensure that we source options for customers from our entire network to provide the absolute best rates for their set budget.
  • By connecting your customers to us, we can support you through the entire sales process by answering customer questions regarding the product or loan.

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